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How to manufacture hand sanitizer for businesses ?

Coronavirus happens to be at its worst stages around the world. With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, hand sanitizer has become fundamentally important for our daily life & protects us from the virus. And hand sanitizer is hugely in shortage.

Using hand sanitizer for every time you touch anything has now become the new normal.

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If you have been trading household chemicals and skincare-related supplies for a long time, our manufacturing facility is an FDA, ISO compliant factory. Staff with 30 years of experience and technical accumulation have made significant progress in several industries we are involved in, especially the hand sanitizer products. Honorably work with Amazon, Walmart, and more. We sincerely would be your best partner in the household chemical & personal beauty industry!

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Liquid hand sanitizer is a must-have in every house, hospital, restaurant, and shopping mall. It keeps bacteria, germs, and coronavirus away. It is easy to manufacture and requires training on mixing proportions. Liquid hand, sanitizer manufacturing business, involves a small capital and can be started at home. 

Know more about liquid hand wash manufacturing business in the video.

Licenses & Permits

Company Registration

PAN Card for Company

MSME Registration

Goods and Service Tax (GST) Registration

Trade License

Without a Trade License, the business is considered illegal and attracts a penalty. The issuing authority, application fee, and renewal policies vary from state to state. The State Government, along with the local Municipal Corporation, issues this license. Trade licenses can be applied online.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certification

BIS Certification ensures the quality, safety, and reliability of products. BIS Certification is mandatory for products like cement, household electrical goods, food and related products, diesel engines, oil pressure stoves, automobile accessories, cylinders, valves and regulators, medical equipment, and steel products electrical transformers, etc. Products are tested with a random/sampling method initially and verified under surveillance Samples of products are tested in the preliminary and surveillance operations. Types of BIS Certification Schemes based on products and duration for certification are: Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers Tatkal Scheme ECO Mark Scheme Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Pollution Control Board

Any enterprise involved in the generation, disposal, storage, or transport of sewage, gas, biomedical waste, or hazardous waste must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Pollution Control Board. It is also mandatory for enterprises set up outside the designated Industrial Area or converting agricultural land into the industrial area. An application for NOC can be submitted online. After field visit by the officials, the NOC will be issued or rejected.

Factory Licence

A factory license is mandatory for enterprises to carry out manufacturing in an area. Any person or entity willing to construct, extend, or use any building as a factory must obtain this license. The Factories Act ensures safety measures and promotes the health and welfare of the workers in the factories. The local Chief Inspectorate of Factories issues this license. To obtain a factory license, apply for the plan’s approval by filling the application, paying the fee, and submitting it to the Chief Inspector or State government.